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        Bioland Technology Ltd. is a health medical device enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it has established a business strategy based on local and international.
        Bioland Technology Group established Yundu Health Technology in 2017, and has successfully developed a hospital-based chronic disease management platform to realize the management of patients outside the hospital. It has Bluetooth, GPRS remote transmission sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter to let users take blood pressure. More professional management of blood sugar, and the establishment of a new health management model from the individual to the family, from the family to the doctor, from the doctor to the hospital. Aool Medical has a professional APP smart client that allows users to conduct scientific and standardized data management and analysis. In the past two years, Yundu Health Technology has established friendly cooperation with nearly 200 hospitals across the country.


Branded advantages

Bioland Technology Ltd. has developed into a high-tech industrial group with great scientific research and innovation. Its exclusive Ai Le and Zhen Bao two independent brands

Alliance cooperation

Has won the honor of Shenzhen high-tech enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, and strengthen cooperation with industry leaders

Service advantage

Adhering to the business service concept of "creating first-class products, creating first-class employees, pursuing first-class environment, and dedicating first-class service"

Technical advantages

New health management model from individual to family, from family to doctor, from doctor to hospital

Quality advantage

Bioland Technology Ltd. has a professional APP smart client, which is convenient for users to carry out scientific and standardized data management and analysis.

Market Advantage

Established in 2017, Bioland Technology Ltd. has successfully developed a hospital-based chronic disease management platform.

User service

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